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Hi there! Welcome to The Tasteful Tribe where you’ll find simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes with quality ingredients many of which can be found online and delivered straight to your door.

I’m convinced that healthy food can be delicious, quick, easy and accessible to everyone. As a working mom of two, I know how hard it can be to find time to meal plan, grocery shop, and then actually cook. I also know how overwhelming a Google or Pinterest search can be.

Over the last decade, I’ve found creative ways to make planning work – in a lot less time than you would think. If I can make it, I promise you can too!

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Here we want to bring families together, one easy and delicious meal at a time!

As a teacher married to a scientist, my husband Kyle and I on paper couldn’t be more opposite. However, our core values and common interests solidify our foundation – one of which is a love for cooking and eating great food across the culinary spectrum.

When we first started dating, one of our favorite things to do was to try new restaurants and then recreate these same recipes together in our own home to enjoy over and over again. 

We had two beautiful children, which brought lifestyle changes with them. During this time, I began to notice that my health, both physically and mentally was not in a good place. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and generalized anxiety disorder.

This lead into a constant state of fatigue, extreme weight fluctuation, and depression. I knew something had to change – and it started with rediscovering our love for cooking at home which provided me with a positive outlet to focus my thoughts and energy.

Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning

As a working mom, I was finding it difficult to find time to meal plan, grocery shop, and then actually cook (let alone spend quality time with my family!)

Then came the pandemic which drove us to try online grocery delivery services, and it changed the way we shop and meal plan forever. Between ButcherBox (for meats), Aldi’s Instacart (for produce), and Amazon (for just about everything else!) you can get almost any high-quality ingredient you need to be delivered conveniently to your door.

I’ll be honest, you do pay a little bit more for the convenience. But I have found that it seems to mostly balance out since you have access to your pantry and fridge while you’re shopping to avoid wasteful duplicate purchases and also there’s fewer impulse buys! 

But the other part, of course, is the meal planning. The most challenging part is developing an efficient meal plan which uses common ingredients to minimize waste but also has culinary variety and flavor! I would spend hours each week scavenging the internet for delicious recipes to pair with the ingredients on our grocery deliveries.

There are an infinite number of recipes out there which can be daunting to sort through. But over the last 10 years, I’ve found some creative ways to make this work and curated an eclectic catalog of delicious recipes along the way (with my own adaptations of course!) 

I am wildly passionate about sharing my process, meal plans, practical cooking advice, and even some great products I’ve discovered over the years which have made all the difference in taking our meals to the next level. We all deserve happiness and a good, tasteful life. 

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