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Work With Me

Sarah Troester

Recipe Developer, Food Writer, Food Stylist, Video Creator, Food Photographer

I am a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. One thing that brings my family together is food. I am wildly passionate about cooking and creating. The recent pandemic has been hard on everyone. In a small way, I wanted to contribute to society by making healthy and delicious recipes not just for my family but I wanted to share my cooking secrets with the world. This is how The Tasteful Tribe originated. To me, my business is much more than simply posting pictures and recipes of food. It’s a journey to promote a healthy lifestyle, the quality of food, and culture, and being able to travel the world through each bite.

My Mission

I believe in using high-quality ingredients that add flavor and nutrition to food. Recipes are only what quality ingredients make them.

Eating wholesome meals shouldn’t mean giving up the flavors you love, and delicious, satisfying food should be accessible to everyone. I enjoy creating content for brands to create brand awareness and reach target audiences so that high-quality, nutritious meals can be accessible to anyone.

My recipes are delicious, affordable, approachable, and healthy. They can be enjoyed by the entire family and are universally approved.


  • Branded Social media/Website posts. 1-2 professional photos with brand in photo, rights to photos and recipes.
  • Instagram and Facebook Posts. Brand in photo to gain interaction/impressions and brand exposure. Brand tagged in each post. 1-2 professionally edited photos from the post will also be provided to the brand which they could use as they see fit (website, social media, marketing, etc.)
  • Instagram Stories. 24-hour story mention and tag with brand.
  • Instagram Reels. 15-45 seconds reel on Instagram with product and a “how to make” recipe. Brand/product will be showcased in reel, brand will be tagged.


I would love to work with you! For a media kit with more details including pricing, please contact me.