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Kids Food

Ever since my kids were younger I have always enjoyed making them part of the cooking and creating process. I would see fun and healthy lunch food art creations and long to make them for my son and daughter. The problem was finding the time to do so.

The Tasteful Tribe came about during the pandemic when I was teaching from home along with my son and daughter who were at home for virtual learning.

At the time I was teaching at a very stressful school with expectations that were making it difficult for me to balance work and home life.

I was grateful for us all being home together under one roof–especially for lunch. It was the one time I always looked forward to because I could finally make the fun, healthy and delicious lunches for my kids that I had been saving to make.

I started to realize that when I began to feel overwhelmed with teaching, I would shift that energy into thinking about a fun food art lunch and it was like a weight was lifted.

the tasteful tribe kids food page

This is how The Tasteful Tribe was born!

I have since gone back to teaching in person. Now at a less stressful school but my desire to provide my kids with healthy balanced meals in a fun way remains strong.

To make meal planning more consistent and practical in my house, I aim to include four school lunch preps for my two kids in our weekly meal prep rotation.

This helps us save money and ensure that two days of the week, the kids have well-balanced meals that happen to be fun and festive, yet simple enough to put together in less than 15 minutes. 

In these lunch preps, I try to include a variety of colors as well as a good balance of the essential food groups so that my kids are getting exposure to different foods in a fun and exciting way!

I hope that you can find some inspiration here for your family. It means the world to know that you are here and part of our tribe, The Tasteful Tribe!